right now my boyfriend Mike and i are closing on a condo, so there’s been a hiatus on everything.

the interior design of the condo is gonna be awesome, though.
i have been perusing design blogs, buying books, and butchering french magazines for resources. there’s also a ton of great photography and prints for sale at deviantart to slog through, and ebay has been a good lesson that i should go check out some flea markets. yeeee expensive.

it’s been super inspiring, though, so much that i am entertaining the idea of taking some interior design/decoration classes. just gotta do the legwork. it’s pulled me out of my digital rut and even got me painting again!

i had forgotten how happy painting with traditional media made me. and to think i used to do it all day, every day, without thinking there was another approach.
going back to traditional has made me realize how much i ran on autopilot when i painted. i really didnt know anything about color, i just kind of winged it. as far as i was concerned, the drawing was the end result and the painting phase was just a nuisance. but now it is a serious struggle to keep a handle on the colors and values.

i have to let you know i basically consider the first painting to be a failure, hopefully i’ll be more acclimated on the next one.

it’s a series of nine as a personal contribution to our new place. 🙂 when i’m done i’ll throw up some pics. the renovations should be done about then. 😛

so here’s some things ive done lately:

the first self portrait ive done in yeaaaaaaaars.

Another Character from another project.

I suddenly was compelled to do a piece of fanart. This is Harley Quinn from Batman The Animated Series. 😛

And I compiled a months worth of observational sketches from my commute.