Well, as with all things, my latest job has come to an end. I had the opportunity to work on some frustrating projects, but I feel like I was able to channel it into some decent work. I’ve learned so much about my craft in the past 6 months – most of it, I know, I won’t fully appreciate until a few more months have passed. The peeps at Backbone Entertainment were a great bunch, and I hope the best for them all as they continue to try and get great projects off the ground and out the door. And who knows, maybe when the time is right, I can work with some of ’em again. 😀

My children’s book is calling me! Oh Clevengers! I’ve missed my prehistoric friends and kiddie adventurers.

In some ways, I’m actually quite excited about what’s next. A good deal of that is “I DUNNO” but hey, now I can actually hang out with all the friends I’ve said I needed to catch up with. Wonderful lady creature designers two, Brynn Metheney and Allison Theus and I are also embarking on a collaboration effort on the side – I’m thrilled to actually have time for it now.


So in honor of moving off to different places, and at the encouragement of internet pal David Brown Eyes, I’ve started a shiny new WordPress!

Suck it, Google!

Also, critters!