The children’s book I illustrated, The Journey of the Noble Gnarble by Daniel Errico, has a publication date – October 1st, 2011! It’ll be available from Barnes and Noble Booksellers, and on

The big reveal!

The Corgi Gryphon is getting so much love, I’ve added a print for it on my Etsy shop! You can find it here.

I’ve also been getting crazy suggestions from friends on what other pairings of dog breeds + mythological creatures would be fun.

Beagle + chimaera?
Pug + chinese dragon?

What do you guys think?

Summary of my experience of returning to video game development

In other news, I got a day job working with a bunch of friends at Other Ocean Interactive, and we’re working on a game adaptation of War of the Worlds, with none other than Patrick Stewart’s dulcet tones to inspire us! I keep finding myself bellowing “THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS” and “THE LINE MUST BE DRAWN HEEEEYA!”
The project has a hell of a schedule, but the cool thing is that it’s a 2d game, so I get to paint my stuff and then IMMEDIATELY plug ’em in to see how it looks in-game – a first for me!
And later, I get to design the aliens! :3

I’ve got some more Kylie Meadows work, and a little branding design underway as well. Blerg, so much to do!

Oh, and if you’re on Google+, I’m there too! It’s already turning out to be a wonderful sharing platform for art and connecting creatives.

Anyhow. You know where to leave them comments!