Soooooooooo hey I’m a published illustrator! :iconawwyeaplz:

The Gnarble project took a long time, and overall the project was outside of my realm of mostly gamey experience, so it took me a while to ramp up – but Daniel (and everyone else!) never stopped supporting me. It’s so wonderful to see how the final product turned out! Here she is in all her glory – well, kinda.

The videogame I worked on with Backbone Entertainment last year is also soon to be released! After 6 years working in games, I’ll finally have a shipped title: Zombie Apocalypse 2: Never Die Alone! The bad news – NONE of my concepts made it into the game! Well, none except for a stupid auto-turret. BUT I’LL BE DAMNED IF IT WASN’T THE BEST AUTO-TURRET. T_T
Oh well – that’s how it goes in the wicky wicky wild wild west.

The publisher is currently working on a fancy theatrical-ish trailer, but in lieu of that, I can show you the gameplay preview from this year’s E3. (Fun fact: That’s my boyfriend Mike doing the playing and narration, he’s the producer on the project, and basically saved it from utter obliteration, lol)

Another project I helped with has also wrapped up. I spent four months working with Other Ocean Interactive’s latest, War of the Worlds! The team was fantastic, and we got a LOT done in an amazingly short amount of time. I might do more work with them in the near future!

I’ll be putting a lot of stuff together soon, including returning to Dinosaurs Before Bedtime, putting together a portfolio for Pixar (because they’re right here and it’s HIGH TIME, I SAY!), and several collaborations with fellow Other Oceanite, game designer, and good fwend, Paul. :3

Work-in-progress of Polycotylus, a late Cretaceous plesiosaur. This year a specimen was described with viviparous fetae inside her – which could be potential evidence of mothering!
…So here she is with her beebees. :3

Oh, I used a variation on Wilhelm’s fluke reconstruction, too – just for lulz. Not horribly accurate, I just wanted to draw some baby plesiosaurs.

I’ve been wanting to do a rendition of Livyatan melvillei ever since I saw the sad reconstruction painting that was stuck to every article about her. I used Nemo-Ramjet’s rendition as reference, and gave her a Cetotherium to eat!

Here, a Livyatan female has just pulverized a straggler with her initial bone-breaking ambush from below, and is moving in to finish her meal off – while the rest of the Cetotherium pod gets the fuck out! >:]

Not too accurate, especially with the sizing, but eh.

Stay tuned, suckas.