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I did this as a quick warmup sketch a while ago after seeing the movie (hurr), did a quick paintup and here ya go!

Don’t you like how I didn’t bother to reference either bird or human anatomy? But LOOK! NEKKIDS!


Did this as a warm-up for a day of painting! :3

It’s Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys, which I ADORED.
If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it – it’s crass and crude and ridiculous – just how I like ’em! XD

Oh! And the title comes from this scene: Click me!

the other night i had a weirdly narrative dream involving 4 humanoid characters who were also animal spirits. or something like that. the dream had some awesome imagery (most of my characters and stories are inspired by my dreams) and i want to make something of it.

i think theyre sorcerers who can summon and get into hijinks involving flying gigantic goldfish. something about how they have to escort a mayan headed spirit to … somewhere.

i’m working on combining it with several other storylines i’ve been tooling (lazily) with.

also i got some tria french greys and wanted to rock out with em! man i havent used markers in years.

this is him. did this as a lunch sketch in an hour.


we had a slow day at work a few days ago, and i had the sudden urge to do portraits of some of the main characters from The Tudors. we just started the second season and it’s rife with steamy hot-people sex scenes and 16th century intrigues and the Protestant Reformation! awesome. it’s not award winning by any means, but it’s fun.

both of these were about 45 mins each.

Natalie Dormer plays Anne Boleyn, and she has a strange cat-like face.

And who can say no to Sam Neill as the manipulative scheming cardinal!

right now my boyfriend Mike and i are closing on a condo, so there’s been a hiatus on everything.

the interior design of the condo is gonna be awesome, though.
i have been perusing design blogs, buying books, and butchering french magazines for resources. there’s also a ton of great photography and prints for sale at deviantart to slog through, and ebay has been a good lesson that i should go check out some flea markets. yeeee expensive.

it’s been super inspiring, though, so much that i am entertaining the idea of taking some interior design/decoration classes. just gotta do the legwork. it’s pulled me out of my digital rut and even got me painting again!

i had forgotten how happy painting with traditional media made me. and to think i used to do it all day, every day, without thinking there was another approach.
going back to traditional has made me realize how much i ran on autopilot when i painted. i really didnt know anything about color, i just kind of winged it. as far as i was concerned, the drawing was the end result and the painting phase was just a nuisance. but now it is a serious struggle to keep a handle on the colors and values.

i have to let you know i basically consider the first painting to be a failure, hopefully i’ll be more acclimated on the next one.

it’s a series of nine as a personal contribution to our new place. 🙂 when i’m done i’ll throw up some pics. the renovations should be done about then. 😛

so here’s some things ive done lately:

the first self portrait ive done in yeaaaaaaaars.

Another Character from another project.

I suddenly was compelled to do a piece of fanart. This is Harley Quinn from Batman The Animated Series. 😛

And I compiled a months worth of observational sketches from my commute.

A few images from some contests I have been entering lately… The first is of the fairy queen Titania and the second is a “sound creature.”

Sinister demonic executioner.

Strong silent guardian figure.

Old woman/creature. Archetypal character who aids the hero.

Early concepting for a personal project adapting a Hans Christian Anderson story…